It’s been 12 months since my heart flutter thingy. Today I had my appointment for the 12 month Echo Cardiogram. So I’ve watched my weight, exercised and taken my medication like a good boy in anticipation of seeing the heart specialist. 2 days ago I even stopped drinking coffee so that there would be absolutely no chance of my blood pressure being high during the consultation.
I arrive at my appointment and the receptionist says “you can have your ECG but Dr (insert Indian heart Dr name here) isn’t in today so you will have to come back to see him.”

How To Deal With Rejection!

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My mind does a double take. WTF (What the f@#k mum translation) Doesn’t he know what I’ve gone through to make this appointment! It’s not like this just happens you know. There been a lot of work gone into getting this old ticker running this good. Sometimes you just don’t appreciate what I go through for you. I mean two whole bloody days without coffee! For nothing. I feel used. I’m not good at dealing with rejection!

But what I said was. “No that’s fine when is he available next. I’ll come in then. $300 no worries” Soft, soft,soft,soft,soft! Coffee please!

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