Main Beach

I’m certain the earthquake that devastated Japan yesterday is on everyone’s mind. It’s hard to get excited about going to Beach Patrol at Southport SLSC when so many people are suffering in so many places. Going to patrol is usually one of my favourite things. I enjoy my bit of community service immensely. It makes me feel good.

But we can’t sit around getting morbid about things we can’t control. I will do a little mental trick a friend taught me when things like this start to dominate my thoughts. I imagine pushing the thoughts away and say to myself “That’s not my stuff”. It’s amazing how powerful it is. I invite you to try it. The next time

Beach Patrol

Image by ChrisGoldNY via Flickr

something you can’t control overwhelms you, stick out an imaginary hand to push it away and say to yourself, “That’s not my stuff”. Get rid of the stuff you

can’t control and work on the stuff you can.

I know it’s hardly rocket science. But it took me a long time to learn it.