From the moment our government announce it’s Same-Sex Marriage Postal Survey I thought it was a waste of time. A 100 million dollar waste of time. And I have stuck to my guns until well after the survey results have come in and shown us all what we had always known. Australians overwhelmingly supported same-sex marriage.

10 Years!

Ten years after John Howard’s government took about an hour to change the marriage act to block Same-Sex Marriage it only took an election, a lot of backroom arm-twisting, six months of lobbying, a six week postal survey and two weeks of parliament time to basically change it back at the 23rd attempt. You’ve got to love politics.

We Needed A Vote!

Yes, this is the bit I’ve changed my mind about. Can you imagine the munted useless piece of ‘legislation’ we would have ended up with without it? Anti Same-Sex Marriage advocates would have argued hard for limitations on religious protections for all and sundry including the now infamous bakers and marriage celebrants. But with a massive mandate behind them, the pro Same-Sex Marriage advocates were able to snuff out their protests and push through the bill unchanged. A great day for common sense.

Yes, I was wrong. We needed the survey to reinforce the countries views on marriage equality. To reaffirm Australia’s commitment to ‘a fair go’. What we didn’t need was the 100 million dollar bill attached to it. Don’t forget that the original budget was 120 million dollars. It was only due to great work from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that bought the whole thing under budget. But there was no need to spend any money. There was no reason it couldn’t have been attached to the election we had had twelve months earlier. Maybe one day politicians will understand that Australians can think of more than one thing at once.