I have had a bit of trouble with the circulation in my left leg for a while now. I have a Varicose vein and the circulation is quite poor. I especially have problems when I stand for long periods as my foot swells up so much that my toes don’t touch the ground. It can take days for it to go down.

I thought I would buy a set of Skins socks to keep the swelling down while I was on Surf Life saving duty. I decided to ask my friend Angela Barnett for some advice before I bought them as she is a Nurse and knows about such things. She said to go ahead and try them but she would like to show me four simple poses that might also help. She is also a Svaroopa Yoga teacher so she knows what she is talking about so I jumped at the chance.

She showed me four very easy yoga poses that only take 15 minutes a day. The first is simple sitting in a chair with your body in a very specific position. the second is sitting in a chair with your legs crossed. The third is a lunge stretch and the fourth is a lying spinal twist. I must stress that even though these are very simple stretches you do need someone to show exactly the positions you should be in.

The change in my leg was instantaneous. As I changed positions I could see my foot shrinking by up to 1.5 cm. It was amazing. I have done the Magic Four most days and I feel better for it every time. I have started doing one of Angela’s classes to improve my technique.

You can find more information on Svaroopa® Yoga at http://www.svaroopa.com.au/

Below are a few photos of a local male supermodel I asked to demonstrate the Magic Four.

#1 Slow Motion Dive

#2 Crook't Knee Pose

#3 Lunge

#4 Reclining Spinal Twist