Before the Indigenous All Stars rugby league match on the Gold Coast last month a group of Aboriginal singers sang the Australian National Anthem in their indigenous language and in English. I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve included a video so you can judge for yourself.

Listening to it got me thinking that maybe we should make part of our Countries Anthem mean something to more Australians. I know that there are many Aboriginal languages in Australia and we can’t possibly represent all of them in our Anthem. But couldn’t we set up a project for all the Australian Aboriginal communities to write and record Advance Australia Fair in their language. Then from these recordings couldn’t we set up a group of respected Aboriginal to fashion together the first verse from ten of them. Then we would have a unique Anthem with a link to our Past and our future. We would have an easy path to teach our children more about the firstĀ  Australians. And most importantly an Anthem that represents more Australians.

I believe this could make an enormous difference to how many people feel about being Australians. What Do you think?