Guess which lane I’m in.

For years I have dutifully changed lanes early when I see the lane closed sign ahead. I did this in the belief that if everyone did the same Traffic would flow much easier. I still believe this, but it only works if most people do it.

I have come realize that most people do not change lanes early. In fact they don’t change lanes until they have to. Many will have no idea what the sign above even means.Their actions condemn us , the early lane changers, to sitting and watching a constant stream of traffic pass us with no thought other than their own need to be somewhere.

Well no more! From this day forward I am joining the unwashed masses and never more will I change lanes until the very last second. I have realized that the only way to even out our travel times is to do exactly what they do. If we clutter up the closed lane the open lane may actually move faster.

I urge you to join me in my crusade against this outrage. Make the open lane move faster. We all know how much Australians hate Que jumpers isn’t this just another form of it?

Repeat after me:

I (insert name) pledge allegiance to the closed lane. Never again will I be passed by a bogan in a green VN commodore while I sit in traffic. The Tosser in the Audi Q7 can just wait his turn for I am driving in the closed lane now.

See doesn’t that feel better?

My name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a Unit

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