A lot of my extended family have type 2 Diabetes. I am determined to stop it happening to me. So I went on a fact finding mission to learn as much as I could about Diabetes. Here is what I’ve found out!

I am in a high risk group for Diabetes.

How do I know? I did a  simple 10 question test. If you score more than 14 in the Test you are high risk.Diabetes

Q1: Age? 47. 4 points

No worries everyone gets old and risks go up with age. Still 10 points to go.

Q2: Gender? Male. 3 points

Doesn’t really seem fair to get slugged 3 points just for being a man but what can I do. I still have 7 points. No worries

Q3: Ethnicity? Pacific Islander decent. 2 points.

What the! Even the doctors a picking on the cuz! Joking. 2 points just because my Great Grandma was born in the wrong country. That’s not right. 5 points left.

Q4: Family history? Yes. 3 points

Well what can you say about that. It’s an epidemic. 2 points left

I am only 4 questions in and I can see where it’s going. I have 12 points that I can do nothing about. Well I could have a sex change but I think for the purposes of the test I would still have to say male. The rest of the questions I can do something about

Q5: Ever had High Blood sugar? Yup! 6 points.

Had it But I can control it now!

Q6: Blood Pressure Medication? Yes. 2 points.

I know when my weight gets down so does the Blood Pressure. I can fix this.

Q7: Smoke? No. 0 points.

Take that you ****ers. Ha got you there! 2 points for smoking.

Q8: Eat Fruit and Veg? every damned day! 0 points.

Ha! 1 point for not.

Q9: 2.5 hours exercise a week? Usually. 0 points

I’ve blown my knee up. You know the one I did in ’89. You remember! I told everyone. Anyway I am usually pretty active I jog, Ride and Swim. No exercise 2 points.

Q10: Your waist measurement taken below the ribs
(usually at the level of the navel)?
For those of Asian or Aboriginal or Torres Strait
Islander descent:

Men Women Points
Less than 90 cm Less than 80 cm 0 points
90 – 100 cm 80 – 90 cm 4 points
More than 100 cm More than 90 cm 7 points

For all others:

Men Women Points
Less than 102 cm Less than 88 cm 0 points
102 – 110 cm 88 – 100 cm 4 points
More than 110 cm More than 100 cm 7 points

Did I mention the Pacific Islander decent! I’m a big boy. 7 points.

27 points total! I tell you the first time I did this I was pretty depressed. It translate to a pretty high chance of getting diabetes. Then I thought “I’ve already started turning my life around. I’ve reduced my weight by over 20 kilos. I exercise and I will get off the Blood pressure meds.” I know I can because I have controlled it before. I know how!

What you need to know

There are 3 main things you need to do to stop this disease in its tracks!

  1. Control what you eat. You want slow burning fuel. Remember how porridge keeps you going for hours? That’s because it’s a slow burning fuel. When you eat fast burning fuels your body has to produce tons of insulin to convert it to energy. That’s bad! Most of the time I eat “The Grand Parent Diet” If they couldn’t eat it I don’t eat it. Basically it’s Meat and Veg. Some of the time I eat KFC, Maccas etc just like everyone else. But I don’t do it all the time. I rarely drink soft drink and never drink energy drinks.
  2. Exercise. 30 minutes a day average. It doesn’t matter if you do all your exercise in 1 day a week. Or if you do three 10 minute sessions a day. As long as you average 30 minutes a day. Gardening counts. A brisk walk counts. If you do it right Sex counts! Riding to the shop counts. Work doesn’t count! No matter how strenuous your job is it doesn’t count. Your body is used to it and doesn’t respond to it.
  3. Get your waist measurement in the 0 point zones above. Everyone I have talked to has said this is a major thing. The extra diameter puts pressure on your internal organs stopping them from doing their jobs. Make the tape measure read right and you will live a healthier life. Easy!

I’m not saying that’s everything. But it’s a lot.

Other things I recommend!

  • Do an online test for Diabetes risks score.
  • Get your GP to send you to a Dietician. Ask you GP about a “health plan” You can get 5 free visits to the Dietician a year for medical reasons. This was the best thing my GP ever did for me. And she has done a lot of good things in 15 years.
  • Set goals. My first 2 goals were to run the Bridge to Brisbane and to get my Bronze medallion. I had a 14 month plan. When I started I was too embarrassed to walk in public so I used a treadmill until I could jog 5 k on it. Going to the pool was a huge hurdle. Now it’s their problem not mine!
  • Don’t stop! Missed a goal. Make a new one. Had a binge. Don’t starve to make up for it. Just get back on your diet next meal. Had a week off. Forget it! We all need a break. Start again tomorrow.
  • Talk to a friend. We all need support.

Well that’s about it. I hope something here has helped someone in some way. Diabetes is rampant in Australia. I’m told that if you can stop yourself getting the disease you have a 90% chance of stopping you kids getting it! This is a major motivator for me. How about you?

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My name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a Unit

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